Spatial audio for AirPods Pro

YES PLEASE! I would love this feature, so so much. I’ve been messing around with HomePod and soundbars, but I feel AirPods are my bet. Even now I love watching movies through AirPods but it’s only in stereo. So this spatial Audio would be the best thing for us !! Pleasseeee get this spatial Audio to AirPods on Infuse! (Even the first and 2nd gen AirPods not just AirPods Pro if you can!) :slight_smile:

Spatial Audio works with Plex in iOS: Support for Apple Spatial Audio - #49 by m_listed - Feature Suggestions - Plex Forum


Well, AirVideo HD supports it, and it hasn’t been updated in ages (more than a year), so I don’t think you need any special APIs for it…

just wondering if infuse will or ever have spatial audio support for our own movies that have surround sound audio encoded into it, similar to the tv app?

Considering that this post got flag as postponed, that means that it was either too challenging to figure out, or there wasn’t an Apple API that enables this directly in 3rd party apps. Or maybe it would only work with very specific surround sound encodes? :man_shrugging:t3:

Would be awesome if it would work

Yeah this would be a great addition :slight_smile:

Just a quick update here.

We had looked into this, and the APIs around Spatial Audio at the present time are extremely limited, and unfortunately cannot be used in Infuse.

We’re keeping an eye on this, and hopefully Apple will provide a bit more flexibility here in the future.


Very clear answer. Thanks James.

Hi James, it can’t be that hard, look at all the apps that support spatial audio:

Popular Apps That Support Spatial Audio

  • Air Video HD (Turn on Surround in Audio settings)

  • Apple’s TV app

  • Disney+

  • FE File Explorer (DTS 5.1 unsupported)

  • Foxtel Go (Australia)

  • HBO Max

  • Hulu

  • Plex (Enable old video player in Settings)

  • Peacock

  • Discovery+

  • Paramount+

  • Vudu

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It’s probably only available in Apple’s native video player. Infuse obviously uses a custom one.


Yup. It’s one thing to copy paste a blog post, it’s another to implement features based on limited APIs and interoperability between these APIs and the rest of an app’s code base.

I understand the frustration, but please direct it at Apple, not at the devs of this here great app. I promise you, they’re doing the best they can with the limited resources.

EDIT: If on the other hand, you guys are just plain lazy, James, then admit it and I challenge thee to a mêlée, to the death :skull_and_crossbones: :wink:


Spatial audio is a game changer. Please check it out. Apple TV+ shows are a great example.

I am currently using FE File Explorer Pro. It can output AAC 5.1, AC3 and E-AC3 as spatial audio as long it is a mp4 container.

It would be great if Infuse could playback more container formats as well as more surround audio formats as spatial audio.

The only way to convince the developers is to send them a pair of AirPods Max :wink:

That does make sense. However, Plex on iOS now does spatial audio using its new player. I am not familiar with the implementation but I believe the ‘new’ (not that new anymore) Plex player is also a custom one.

Obviously there could be other technical hurdles though.

Just want to say that the Jellyfin client for iOS introduced Spatial Audio :grimacing: and it’s working