Spatial audio for AirPods Pro

I know this was a topic in the regular Forum but will this be coming or does apple control who has it ?


Any official word from Infuse staff on spatial audio support yet? This would be awesome!

+1 here too - its an incredible experience

Hold your horses buddy, you’ve gone a little too far, TV+, Disney+ support spatial audio, Netflix doesn’t, you might try HBO MAX, seems to also support, don’t have any possibility to check. Also there might be some implementation problems. Seems that Spatial Audio enforces the use of some audio codecs, like AC3 5.1, or others AC3 based audio codecs. You can try for yourself converting any MKV to m4v (sometimes it’s enough to just copy the video track and conver the audio, but audio needs to be in AC3 5.1 or higher), then you can move the m4v file to the iphone or ipad using itunes and it will play fine using spatial audio. So while it might be possible for Infuse to implement it, they might only do this for supporting content (having the right audio track compatible with Spatial Audio) or a little harder, transcode the audio track on the fly. Either way, Firecore is looking into this, that’s what I’ve heard from their guy on twitter.
Lastly, saying that Netflix is Spatial Audio compatible is a lie, please don’t come here spreading lies :stuck_out_tongue:

besides: Upcoming Features (updated 2/23/21)

Right, Netflix doesn’t support spatial audio, it was my illusion, maybe caused by first day excitement😂 I’ve been enjoying spatial audio on Disney+ since then.

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+1 for me too

+1 I can’t wait for this!

According to the roadmap it has been marked as “researching” and pushed to version 7.0. Is there a tentative date for Infuse 7?

Don’t hold your breath. If it was easy to do then infuse would’ve already done it. Could be the apple doesn’t provide the API to developers and only works with their own apps because they can control the format of the audio. I don’t know the specifics. Haven’t looked in API docs

Disney+ has it. Audio stream needs to be in a correct format.

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I’m really looking forward to Spatial Audio support as well! I’ve read about it a lot, and the thing is that the spatial effect is built in by default to iOS’ QuickTime/AVKit, and you can experience it everytime you play an MP4 file with 5.1 AC3 or 7.1/Atmos E-AC3. Since Infuse uses their special custom decoder stack (cuz MKVs) and not Apple’s, it could take a while to bring that feature. They might need to build those virtual surround sound algorithms from scratch using Ambisonics or get direct licensing for using Dolby’s decoders, the same tech which is used in soundbars to provide that surround feel.

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I get what you are saying but how come nPlayer in PiP mode can play .mkv files with spatial audio without any issues? Of course you can also wonder why then it doesn’t work in non-PiP mode.

nPlayer is probably using a custom player as well, and I am no expert developer but it looks like the PiP interface references the system player, enabling spatial audio.

Well that begs the question why use a custom player?

I’ve not encountered any file type that I couldn’t play back in PiP via nPlayer. I’ve been musing it more lately because I do prefer to have Spatial Audio on while in PiP mode. The only annoying part is that nPlayer does not scrobble my watching to Trakt but it’s a small price to pay for getting some spatial audio to work with my video library.

Dude I just tried nPlayer it really works like what you described.

I tried several files with nPlayer and none played with spatial audio…

Oh wait, it only plays spatial audio while in PiP? What’s the use for that then?

Well I often multitask while I have something playing in PiP mode :slight_smile:

I like nPlayer’s DTS Headphone X vs infuse’s Dolby implementation. Close to Spatial Audio without the “follow” function.


Yes, please! If possible.

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