Spatial audio for AirPods Pro

No sync issue with spatial audio on my Apple TV 4K (2021) running tvOS 15. And I use march framerate and match dynamic range. On a 2018 LG OLED.

You never had to run the wireless audio sync either?

I actually did run the wireless audio sync as well but that alone didn’t fix the problem. I think it must be some weird bug in combination with the LG OLED.

Awesome news, really looking forward to this! Can you already share if there are special requirements (in terms of codec, channels etc.) to get Spatial Audio?

No special requirements. :slight_smile:

The upcoming 7.2 release will support spatial audio for all audio formats and channel layouts. Of course, videos with multichannel audio tracks are going to have more immersive sound than those with just stereo/mono tracks.


Spatial audio is now available in Infuse 7.2! :tada:


Thanks for your efforts.
I tested the feature with some test tones, and it seems Atmos by DD+ is recognized as only 5.1 DD format on Spatial Audio.
Is this a limitation of Apple API?

In 7.2, Infuse supports multichannel spatial audio for all formats.

We’ll be looking into advanced handling for Atmos (E-AC3) tracks in a future update.


Glad to hear that. I’m looking forward to see an update.


To the Devs, are there different virtual “rooms” in spatial audio? The one with Plex old player has much less reverb and sounds more in your head than the ones in the native Apple TV app and now infuse.

To anyone having sync issues, use the wireless sync calibration. The problem with OLEDs is that different refresh rates have different delays. It’s annoying so I keep everything at 60hz now

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Using Plex’s ‘old player’ simply uses Apple’s native player, which gets spatial audio automatically. This player is very limited with the formats and features it can support so it’s not a viable option for Infuse.

The implementation in Infuse 7.2 uses the latest APIs from iOS/tvOS 15, which I suppose could perform differently than past APIs from iOS 14. Apple has been pushing spatial audio pretty hard since WWDC, and there have been quite a few technical changes in iOS/tvOS 15.

Of course, the actual videos you’re playing can have an impact on how things sound, as different titles have different channel layouts and mixing.

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Excited to give this a go! I was finally able to dink around again this week with my Airpods and can confirm that the wireless audio sync and keeping match frame rate off seems to have mostly fixed lip sync issues. I swear that TV+ still finds a way to screw up sync though. As mentioned above I have an LG OLED as well (actually 3 of them lol).

Working great so far. I’ve played parts of Arrival (DTS 7.1) and Baby Driver (TrueHD Atmos) and it’s a go!


Yes, same for me but I notice that when I turn Match Framerate off that then I get the soap opera effect in an infuse movie. It seems that one is always step behind.

I fumbled around with the TV settings but didn’t really grasp where this is coming from.

Hmmm I definitely don’t get the soap opera effect when doing it, otherwise I wouldn’t consider it an option. I’m not sure where the disconnect would be.

woohooo time to splurge on airpods pro now!

Most of my files are Dolby Digital 5.1, but when I turn on Spatial Audio on my Apple TV 4K the option for infuse is “Spatial Stereo”. Sounds awesome on my AirPods Max, but why aren’t I getting surround?

Can you check to ensure you’re running 7.2? The version info can be found by scrolling to the bottom of Infuse > Settings.

Thanks James.

Yes - it says Infuse Pro 7.2 (3859)

Do these videos have multiple audio tracks?

Can you check to ensure a 5.1 track is selected in the Audio section of the Playback Menu (swipe down while a video is playing).