Spatial audio for AirPods Pro

This is coming for the Apple TV app on iOS and iPadOS 14.
It works with both purchased and “home” videos, 5.1 to Atmos.
I just tried it and find it very immersive.

The same files play only in stereo in Infuse.

iOS 14 and iPadOS 14 being released tomorrow, I hope spatial audio for AirPods Pro using Infuse come sooner than later :slight_smile:
Keep up the good work and thanks,


+1 Would love to see this as well

+1, really promising new feature!

I think tvOS support got axed unfortunately. Could’ve sworn they originally announced it, but it doesn’t work on the tvOS 14 GM and AirPods Pro on the required firmware.

I did a search and I’m surprised no one is talking about Infuse support for Spatial Audio. It’s amazing guy, the best sound experience I’ve ever heard in earphones. But unfortunately I can only experience the effect in Steaming services like Tv+, Disney+, Netflix.

So when will infuse add support for this feature (I assume you will because it’s so amazing)

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Has anyone with iOS 14 and AirPods Pro tested if Spatial Audio is working for them under Infuse? I can get it to work on Plex but same content on Infuse does not deliver Spatial Audio.

Yes I did, as I wrote in the first post of this thread :slight_smile:

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What version of infuse

I am a beta tester like you. So not sure if I can answer that question but you can guess the answer.
Anyway, I am quite sure that the Infuse had no way until yesterday to try to implement and test this feature.
And it was not on the roadmap.

So the current beta is more than probably the same regarding that feature than the latest public release.

I hope it gets on the roadmap very soon.

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  • one here also😋

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Would be awesome!

My badge says I’m a beta tester but I have no idea where can I download

+1 I would love this :pray:t6:

Yes please!

Surprised there has been no word on this yet. I understand it’s very new (4 days ago) but it would be nice to know if it was at least possible! Wouldn’t put it past Apple limiting this in some way :roll_eyes:

It’s not 4 days ago tho is it ? Developers have had access to iOS 14 features for a good while now. One would expect this would be exposed to them to work on for weeks / months.

The firmware update that enables this feature in the airpods themselves never got a beta release as far as I know so while there might have been something you could implement in your app for this actually testing it wasn’t possible until just recently.


Is there any clear guidance on what audio codecs are actually supported on spatial audio? Like will DTS-HD etc work?

+1 Would love to see this as well!

Most likely it will be limited to Dolby because that is what Apple uses for everything. Possible PCM, but don’t expect direct DTS. They wouldn’t pay for a license fee.