Spatial audio at faster playback

Since the last update, Spatial audio doesn’t work anymore at faster playback speed but does work at normal speed.

I contacted customer support, and they said that Spatial audio is unavailable when using variable speed playback.

But in the previous versions, Spatial audio worked regardless of the playback speed. I don’t understand why that has changed. It feels like a downgrade of function. It really bothers me because I love Spatial audio and the app. But I watch movies and TV series at a faster playback speed.

I’m disappointed that nobody from the app has reacted.
I upgraded to Pro because Spatial audio and support the app but the function is downgraded without notice. It just leaves a bad taste.

The APIs for spatial audio have proved to be problematic in many cases when variable speed audio is used. This can result in audio desync in a number of cases, and for this reason spatial audio has been disabled (at least for the time being) when using variable speed playback.

Thank you for your answer.

I use variable speed playback constantly, and I didn’t experience any problems.
But I hope that a solution will be found in the next update or soon. If the problem isn’t a priority and won’t be resolved soon, can an option be given to use it.

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