Spaphire Media Import metadata

How do you constrain the directories reviewd when searching for media. Sapphire now scans all directories so you get choices on WAV etc. Hundreds of files get presented and easy to lose patience before you get to the files you want.

I second this question:

I have a "media" share on my NAS.  It has my DVD structures as well as my music files.

Scanning over 10,000 mp3 files and asking me which movie each one is.... well that's just stupid.


1 - Identify a specific directory to search

2 - Restrict based on filenames (i.e. look for .wmv or .mkv or VIDEO_TS but ignore .mp3 and .m4a)

It works fine when it's done, but the metadata process is mind numbingly tedious right now (I'll have to try to find a different way to do it as things stand, cuz it's kinda sucky trying to filter it 11000 files at a time :(

You can have Sapphire ignore specifc directories you do not want it to scan. You can do this through the 'Collections' menu.

1. Highlight the directory you wish to skip.

2. Press the right arrow (>>) button to bring up the options menu.

3. Select the option near the bottom that instructs Sapphire to skip over that particular directory.

Thanks Max; will give this a go!