Sources from cloud with quotas are not usable

I already pointed out that issue in other threads, but I didn’t get any feedback yet. So I try opening an own thread. This issue was already there in Infuse 6. I hoped it was resolved in Infuse 7 as James said there will come more improvements regarding gdrive users, but unfortunately it is still the same.

So I use Emby but I guess this happens on every platform, seems to be a general Infuse bug. It doesn’t matter whether I enable or disable “embeded metadata” in settings.

Steps to reproduce:

  • drop some movies im Emby with missing fan arts, e.g. missing backgrounds.
  • Connect Infuse to Emby
  • Now you see that the movies itself are being requested by Infuse, ONLY the ones with missing fan arts. You can see this in Emby or nginx logs

So I’m aware that this is not crucial for “normal” use cases. But as soon as you have something somewhere in the cloud this is a BIG problem.
(I watched my gdrive audit log and exactly see the “downloads” of movies with missing fan arts).

Would you please mind taking a look at this? If you need something else please just tell me.

Best regards and stay safe!

I sent you Infuse logs:

I just started Infuse and waited one minute. Now I’m seeing several file requests in gdrive audit log. Some files are:

  • Für Liebe und Ehre
  • Life with murder
  • Der Mann mit der eisernen Maske

Here is what I see in nginx logs. It requests the items first, then the video file itself:

[15/May/2021:10:56:04 +0200] “GET /Users/xxx/Items/8291 HTTP/1.1” 200 1797 “-” “Infuse/7.0.3624"user-ip” 0.009 443 “MediaBrowser DeviceId=\device-id\x22, Version=\x227.0.2\x22, Token=\token Client=\x22Infuse\x22”

[15/May/2021:10:56:05 +0200] “GET /Videos/8291/stream?MediaSourceId=yyy&Static=true HTTP/1.1” 5532 443 “MediaBrowser Device=\x22Apple TV\x22, DeviceId=\device-id\x22, Token=\token8\x22, Version=e\x22”

I guess this is sort of expected.

If you have videos without artwork, Infuse will attempt to generate a thumbnail from the actual video so it has some sort of visual representation.

For normal Google Drive connections this won’t be done in bulk (due to usage restrictions), and thumbnails will only be generated if/when you open the video details page.

There is no such restriction when using Emby.

I don’t think we have a good way to detect where something in Emby is actually stored, so not sure there is a perfect solution here.

However, one thing you can try is to disable the ‘Pre-Cache Images’ option in the Emby share settings in Infuse. This will eliminate most artwork pre-fetching.

thank you very much for answering!
Can you tell me which “artwork” you mean exactly? Fanart, poster…?
hmm any chance you add an option to disable it at all in Infuse settings? Or, if that’s possible for Infuse to check, disable it for .strm files? From what I know remote content is always .strm-files…

Sorry, about pre-cache images. It was disabled in earlier tests, but the behavor is just a little better. There were still lots of file requests by Infuse.

I’m aware most users don’t need it. So could you please tell me whether this is going to be looked at? Otherwise I’ll switch my userbase to Android TV where the Emby app works fine.

Best regards

I’m not sure how we’d best handle this without causing problems for other users.

How many of these files do you have? Maybe it would make sense to place items that are causing problems into their own library, and then exclude that library in Infuse > Settings > Library?

For movies I can fix it by adding missing fan art (which fanarts are it exactly?). But for tv shows that is too much, so lots of episodes are being requested by Infuse clients.
Wouldn’t it be possible to add a setting at “advanced settings” where also “pre-cache images” is? A setting like “disable fan art probe” or whatever. Pre-cache images is a setting for experienced users too. So from my point of view the setting would be fine there…?

would you please mind considering disabling this for episodes? This is really bad if you have shows/seasons where episodes do not each one have a primarly image. the whole season is being fetched by infuse then.

I’m not sure I understand the use case here.

How many episodes of a show do you have which aren’t able to be matched to a series on TMDb/TheTVDB, and therefore don’t have artwork in Emby?

they are being matched. but lots of not that relevant shows do not have an artwork per episode on tmdb/tvdb.
Still I’d love seeing an overall setting to disable this at all. But as I said I can live with that for movies as I can manually add artworks for movies which do not have one.

But for each episode which has no art… that’s not possible.