soundpass through hdmi and optical different profiles

Hi There

would it be possible to have AC3 and DTS pass-through on the Optical Out, but just normal stereo on the HDMI ?

my TV doesn’t support AC3/DTS where as my amp does that has the optical out connection into it ( old amp, doesn’t take HDMI )


Unfortunately I don’t think this will be possible as it’s limited by the hardware. Sorry.


i have the same problem with ac3 & dts pass-through. I understand the limitation by the atv hardware,

but i think it could work the same way like playing videos in the standard apple tv


Here i can route ac3 sound to my receiver (by optical-out) and the hdmi-out is mute.


When i use the firecore media player with passthrough, the hdmi isn’t mute - > strange and loud sound is coming out of the tv-speaker :frowning: (because my TV can not decode ac3)

Is it possible to mute hdmi-out while using the optical out with ac3 & dts? That would be great.

When I rent movies in iTunes Store, they come with surround sound, so when I turn on my receiver, I hear the sound through that, in surround, and I’ll have to mute the TV as it’s getting stereo from the HDMI cable as well.

Can we get aTV Flash (black) to behave the same? I’ve just purchased and tested with a MKV file that has a surround track in it, if I disable the DTS and Dolby sound in aTV settings menu, then I’m getting stereo sound through HDMI. if I enable the two, I’m getting a few cracking noises through the TV, but surround through my receiver. Obviously I’d like to have surround enabled at all times, but still have stereo sent through HDMI, so I can decide if I just want to use the TV for sound or if I want to turn on the receiver to get surround sound. As it is now, the way I understand, I have to go and enable/disable the two dolby/DTS surround options in aTV flash settings each time, to toggle.