Soundbar not detecting 5.1

My TV is connected to my Samsung HW-Q990B soundbar through ARC I tried connecting my MacBook to my soundbar but it’s not playing as 5.1 and no sound coming through the rear channels. Is there some kind of settings I need to turn on? (I’m using the M1 Pro MacBook)

How are you connecting it? Airplay? Thunderbolt adapter? etc?

You’ll need to output regular 5.1 as ARC doesn’t support uncompressed 5.1 PCM audio.

Connecting it using HDMI the MacBook has a HDMI port

How do I do that?

Try here: Outputting 5.1 Channel Surround Sound fro… - Apple Community

If this doesn’t work you might be limited to 2.0 through ARC

try doing a channel test from AAC Multichannel Playback Test
if it doesn’t play right let me know i will take a look into it. if you are directly connecting hdmi to soundbar from mac then it will only work in hdmi port not arc.

I’ll try this when I get back.

Audio passthrough isn’t officially supported on macOS yet, but you can follow this thread for updates.

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Wouldn’t it be better to get an Apple TV and run infuse on it and stream the files from your laptop if that’s you only storage. That’s how use Infuse and my Sonos system (Arc, Sub and two One as back channels).

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