Sound Sync

Apologies if this has already been discussed, but I couldnt find it.

Are there any options to include the ability to adjust the audio delay. It was one of the features I used quite a bit in Kodi on my android box before I switched to Infuse on the apple tv.
Admittedly, the sound sync is inherently better in Infuse anyway, but occasionally I have a file where the sync needs manually adjusting.

thanks in advance,

It’s not something that’s supported right now, but it’s on our roadmap for a future update.

On Apple TV 4 I’m experiencing sound sync issues with Infuse , while the same videos will play absolutely fine in sync with VLC. Clearly seems to be an Infuse related issue. Also it’s perfectly in sync on my Mac using QuickTime Player, VLC or Streamclip. Any idea what I could do about that? (Apple TV 4 with most recent tvOS, iMac with most recent Sierra).

There is a bug in 5.3 that is causing issues with some videos.

An update (5.3.1) with a fix was submitted to Apple this morning, and with any luck will be available soon.

@ james: Thank you for your quick reply. (Just updated the info on my previous post a bit, just to make things clear.)

Update: 5.3.1 was just approved by Apple, so please give that a try and let us know how it goes.

I still have some slight audio sync issues with 5.3.1 on some of my episodes but not all