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Hey All,

So I know this topic has been beaten to death but my question is to clarify. I realize Infuse gets output as LPCM to the receiver and is displayed as Multi-In DD on my receiver. Now, for TrueHD, DTS-MSTR and Atmos movies even through it says Multi-In, is the sound still being split into the correct channels, even the height channels for Atmos? I borrowed a shield (bit stream) to compare and can’t seem to hear a difference between the two. However it can be hard to tell with the Dolby height channels. In fact I thought Infuse sound was a lot cleaner that Shield.

Anyway if someone knows the answer to this that would be great.


It’s all bit for bit and sent by the receiver to the correct channels except for atmos and DTSX. These are handled as either TrueHD or DTS-HD as Apple has not opened up a way for developers to access this yet with non-streaming content.

Cool thanks for clarification. Looks like MRMC got Atmos working do hopefully Infuse will soon.

MrMC only has it working if the base audio is Dolby digital + (eac3). TrueHD as the base is still not supported.

Oh ok. Man it would be so awesome if Apple would just allow apps to use bitstreaming. Any idea what their reasoning is on this one? APTV4K would be the “perfect” streamer if that was the case. You would think they would want that title :slight_smile:

Siri. Bitstreaming doesn’t allow you to add other sounds into the mix. Moving all the decoding over to the Apple TV does.

Ohh I see :slight_smile: giving users the choice would be nice, however I didn’t realize the issue with siri.

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