Sound quality problem since 1.4


I am haviong sound quality problems since 1.4 update. There are hiss and click when playing some movies. Gun fire sounds double so terrifying now… :slight_smile: Normal speech is OK.

It might be related to the audio boost in 1.4.

Anyone else having problems like that? Is there a way to turn this feature off somehow?



Which audio options do you have enabled in the Media --> Settings --> Playback menu?

Are you connected to a receiver or just a TV?

Dolby Digital AC3, DTs are disabled, Volume control enabled, Center channel boost is disabled.

The setup is following: ATV2 connected to the TV, sound is connected from the tv to the 2.1 speakers via 3,5 jack.

First I suspected the speakers. But when I connect the speakers to my laptop and play the same movie the sound is fine.

Than I thought there is a problem with the TV, so I watched some trailers from the itunes store and did not experience the same problem.

These movies, I have tested some, have played fine earlier.

Just transcoded 5 minutes of a movie and played it back using itunes. It was fine.

Im quite sure, there might be something within the update.

Hmm, would you mind sending in a bug report?

A sample file that exhibits this issue would also be very helpful.

All done, diag info, bug report, sample file submitted.