Sound problem with all my video files


I have a aTV2 with aTV flash (using the latest version).

When I play music files or even movie trailers from iTunes onto my aTV, the sound is flawless.

However, when I'm playing movies from the Media folder, the sound is clipped (cut) every 20 seconds. It is very annoying and makes it impossible to watch a movie (I have the same problem with all the video files that I play from the Media folder).

I have a 5.1 audio system and tried to change the 5.1/AC3 settings in the aTV but it does not change anything.

Can you please help me?



Additional comment: when I go to Media/Settings and disable “Dolby Digital (AC3) Audio” the sound is not clipped. However I lose the 5.1 sound which is really bad…


How can I have the 5.1 sound without having the clipped sound?



Thanks for your help,



Do you have a sample file we could take a look at?



Do you mean a proper file that I have trouble reading or an audio recording of the sound that comes out of my audio system?


Because as for the first option, all the video files are troubled and come out with a clipped sound so I don’t think that sending you one of my movies will help you understand the problem…

Ok, probably best to send in a bug report (if you haven’t already).

Hey Jonathan,

Did you submit the support request as James suggested.

Please do so they can have more information and solve this problem. 

Many other users are having the same type of problems.

We’re working to track down what’s going on. Please see this thread for more information.