Sound Playback Muted / No Sound


I’ve noticed with the latest update sound playback issues.

I’ve seen it a couple times before, and the sound just cuts during a movie. I stop the movie completely, and then hit play again and all is good. I can even skip back to where there was no sound and it will play just fine after stopping then hitting play again.

Tonight it happened twice, only this time, it was after the show had been paused. On resuming playback sound is gone. Have to stop then hit play to resolve the issue.

This happened tonight with X264 mkv on my Apple TV 4K.

The other times I do not know what the container was or audio codec.

Thanks :slight_smile:

Edit: Oh, and I’m streaming my content over WebDAV with

Suspect this is the same/related issue to Infuse Pro 6.3 playback issue

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It would seem so :slight_smile: Looks like it’s fixed in next update, thanks for the reply :slight_smile:

Sorry for the trouble.

We have a 6.3.1 update awaiting review at Apple which we think will help with this.

6.3.1 is now available. :slight_smile:

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