Sound not sync while airplay to soundbar

I’m getting a new soundbar Sonos Beam as Airplay speaker for my 2019 MacBook Pro. Things works fine in Safari for Youtube videos or Netflix. However, when I tried to use Infuse 7 to playback a video. The sound always lag for 2-3 seconds and cause movies not watchable. Pls fix this issue. Thank you.

I had this same issue with my sound bar. I fixed it by changing the audio settings in my Apple TV to cut my sound bar (mine is set to stereo). I did today and everything started syncing up nicely.

AirPlay is not fully supported on Mac just yet, but this will be available in an upcoming release.

*Sonos also works better if at least one speaker in your system is wired to your network. At that point Sonos will automatically enable it’s own mesh network, SonosNet. It will not interfere with other wifi traffic. You can verify that SonosNet is active by looking in the about dialog for the macOS App. The bottom of each device details will show VM0. Not saying that it solves the problem but it might make a difference. I have 9-10 devices around the house and one speaker is wired. Never any interference issues or dropouts.

Sample from the about dialog:

Beam: Family Room
**Serial Number: ********
Sonos OS: S2
Version: 13.1 (build 63288230)
Hardware Version:
Series ID: A100
IP Address:
Audio In: Stereo PCM 2.0
WM: 0

Tested this using from my iMac to a pair of Sonos One speakers in the same rum. My Sonos Speakers are on a SonosNet mesh network and the sync issue is there with AirPlay from Infuse. AirPlay from youtube or other videos playing on the iMac does not show this sync issue.