Sound issues

Is anyone else having issues with the sound not working and making a horrible screaching sound? I've tried the same video on two different apple tv's and it works fine on my mac. Also a known working video (Paul) which has worked flawlessly for the last year all of the sudden is making the same horrible screach.

Any thoughts?

I have the exact same problem. Now ALL of my mkvs are giving me a "Decode Error" for audio on my Sony receiver. I've tried multiple different settings on the Apple TV 2 for audio, but they all give the same result.


This was working perfectly 2 weeks ago. I just did a hard reset - unplugged the unit - and still the issue persists.

I did find a solution to the issue. Turn off all audio decoders and see what happens, it worked for me!! Previously I was turning just one off but never both at the same time but turning them both off did the trick. 

Thanks, that did the trick so I have audio back, but unfortunately it means I only have stereo or Pro Logic. No DD 5.1.


Yep, but it's better than that horrible screech!!

True dat. ;)


However, if this issue persists, I'll have to add a WD TV Live or something. This system is in my home theatre projector setup. Full 5.1 + giant sub setup. Kinda sad for it to be running stereo/PL only for movies with big soundfields. Stereo just sounds "wrong" since there is no centre dialogue channel, and PL/PL II sounds  very muffled in comparison to 5.1.

Upgraded Infuse to 2.4-498 (from 2.3-442). No joy. :(

I still have the same problem. I even tried clearing the metadata and clearing the recently watched, but as expected it also made no difference. Still stuck with either stereo/PL or else no audio at all.