Sound dropping out briefly, but consistently

So I have many .MP4 files, but very recently when playing these files from my NAS, audio will drop consistently. The problem started in Infuse 4 pro after the most recent update, but even Infuse 5 pro (5.02) has the same problem.

For example there is an .MP4 file that at 18 minutes and 6 seconds, sound will drop out for 4-5 seconds. This happens consistently at the exact same place for the same file. There are multiple files that this has started to appear on. I thought at first they were corrupt .MP4 files, but they are not… the files play perfectly fine from a Windows 10 system as well as from VLC on tvOS, it seems to be only Infuse that has a problem with these files. It’s also worth noting that the sound isn’t dropping out on any other application (i.e. Netflix, etc…).

Not sure how to troubleshoot this problem, any assistance would be appreciated.

Hmm, is there any chance you’d be able to open a support ticket and send in a sample of one of these files?

I do have a ticket open (opened it last night after my forum post didn’t seem to pop up right away), the ticket id is #89298.

The files are rather large 3+ GB typically, is there a limit to the size? Otherwise I am not sure if there is a way to trim it down to something more reasonable.

Infuse doesn’t have a size limit, in fact we’ve tested very large (30GB+) files and they play without any issues.

What you can do is use something like MP4tools ( to extract a segment of your 3GB file. You can select a start/stop time for the segment, so please try and select one that covers the time period where you were seeing the audio drop outs.

Thanks, this is helpful, I was able to snip a piece out of one of the files and still was able to reproduce the problem. I will upload it to the ticket and follow up there.

Great! We’ll take a look at your file and see if we can track down what’s going on.

Seems there is a limit of 7mb for attaching a file to the ticket. Is there another private location that I can upload this file to? It is ~45 mb.

Hmm, yes unfortunately Zendesk does have a rather small limit. Are you able to upload to something like Dropbox and send in the link?

We’re working to have a public upload option for larger files, but that may not be ready until later this week.

Ok, I have provided a link to the file, hopefully you are able to pick it up. Appreciate the assistance.