Sound clarity on infuse

Attached is a detail info while running on Plex. Infuse and Plex are both displaying the same info on Tautulli. So, everything is direct play on infuse. However, the dialogue clarity, explosions, everything sounds clear and with proper bass on Plex than on infuse. Also when Plex is running I get an alert on TV that it’s running Dolby Atmos via Soundbar. I don’t get that on infuse.
My sound system is Bose 900 with a bass accessory plugged into LG G3 OLED.

Has anyone noticed this issue?

I haven’t changed anything in Plex, besides doing audio pass through to HDMI to avoid transcoding TRUEHD. Are there any settings I need to change on infuse?

What device are you using to play plex and infuse? Apple TV doesn’t support true hd+Atmos (lossless) output. Infuse will decode the audio but the Atmos cannot be passed through. Only eac3 DD+ audio can pass through with Atmos on the Apple TV.

Assuming it is an Apple TV then likely your amp is treating the audio differently. Often they can setup specific settings per audio type. Infuse will output pcm unless Apple TV is forcing it to Dolby digital 5.1

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