Sound and video to separate airplay devicesÉ

I have a situation where video plays on one apple tv and I like audio out of another. (projector setup with few wires as possible). But apple TV only sends airplay sound as stereo, so I loose the 5.1 sound the infuse airplay mirroring supports fine when directly to the first device .

I am maybe the only one needing this, but it would be cool to have a situation where infuse could send send 5.1 sound via airplay to one Apple TV and the video to another Apple TV. Not sure if it is even possible, or would cause lag extra lag (maybe that,s why apple doesn’t do it??)

(Or if anyone knows why apple tv only sends airplay sound from one apple to another in stereo…or if there is a way to fix that. I have tried all variations of settings with the correct files. Still no go.)