Sorting TV Series into folders

Hi, not sure if I’m doing something wrong, or if this is a feature request…

I have all my movies copied down onto my phone for watching (copied across effortlessly and amazingly quickly over WiFi from my Plex server!), and they are all sorted beautifully by cover art etc, however when I do the same with a TV series, it treats each episode as if it was a movie, and rather than putting them under a folder for that series it shows a still frame from the episode rather than cover art or episode details and it shows them on the front page alongside the movies. You have to then go into each episode one by one until you find the one you are looking for, which pollutes the user interface quite a bit.

My TV shows are all sorted by title, season, episode in the folder structure & Plex recognises them and sorts them appropriately.

For example: \The Big Bang Theory\The.Big.Bang.Theory.S06\The.Big.Bang.Theory.S06E01.mkv

Any ideas welcomed please!

Follow this guide here:

So I would suggest having your video file named “The Big Bang Theory.S06E01.mkv”