Sorting options in Infuse for ATV 2

Hey all,


its good to also be finally a member of this wonderful community. I have just today managed to setup my first ATV 2 with the newest untether and installed Infuse. Im streaming from my Synology NAS and while everything is basically working I have one question regarding the sorting of files which I didnt find an answer for in these forums?


Is there a possibility to sort for example Movies (an own share on my NAS) by Date added and in preferrably Grid view AND my TV Shows (which are on another share) by Name and in List view? Im accessing those two shares from the Favorites tabs if that is of any relevance as I have not yet looked at the Library option (still fetching a lot of metadata ;))


Or just one general setting for everything?


Thank you for your help and the really great product! :slight_smile: