Sorting of Movies for Trilogies and more

Hi Team,

I have been using Apple TV 2 with infuse for over 3 years now and still I find that the sorting features are rather limited to (sort by date) or (sort by title). However I still find some shortcomings as the movies series such as the Matrix and others are not listed in order. May be in the next releases you could implement a sort feature that would firstly sort movies by title and then an additional sort by date that would group the movie series correctly. Otherwise if there is a way to edit the NFO or XML file, could you please advise of the process to do so.

I believe that XMBC has got such a feature called (Sets) that would sort movies in proper groups. I have attempted to edit the NFO files for ATV Flash Black, however the changes in the NFO files are not reflected in the sorting of the movies. That being said there just isn’t enough memory on the ATV2 to run XMBC properly.

Thank you and keep up the great work