Sorting of 'edition' tags

Hi all–

Working through some of the tiny details of Infuse during my trial. Still loving a lot of it, and managing to beat my metadata into submission.

I know I found a suggestion for using {edition-xxxx} as a tag for different things here on the forum. I’ve been very successful using the tag for different movie versions, resolutions, and special features. I’ve read that something similar is (slowly) coming down the pipeline for TV shows, which will be great!

The question:
How does Infuse sort ‘edition’ tags? At first I thought it would be alphanumeric, but I’ve made tags with indexed numbers (like “edition-01_SpecialFeature1” and “edition-02_SpecialFeature2”, etc.), but they seem to appear in a random order.

Is there a way to ‘force’ Infuse to sort these tags?

If not, I’d suggest (and then mods can move this topic) that Infuse sort items by resolution, then ‘alternate versions’ then alphanumerically.


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from my understanding, infuse sorts by resolution (highest to lowest) then alphanumeric (left to right). so your solution would work if they were all the same resolution but that’s the problem with custom tags, they have a mandatory resolution prefix so mixed versions can’t be sorted

but even if you do that, the perfect sorting isn’t always possible, for example, i want my color option to appear before b&w but that can’t happen alphabetically

Screenshot 2024-02-19 at 7.37.24 PM

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Yep. Once you know to look for it, it’s clear that’s what’s happening. I was indeed getting misled because some of my special features (with ‘edition’ tags) are a different resolution than the main movies.

Now to decide how much I care… :slight_smile: