Sorting is off in All Movies with Collections enabled

Hi @james

I noticed in my “Library - All Movies” that sorting is a little off when Collections are enabled & sorting is done by filename. It seems it only sorts on the first word & ignores all other words after that for sorting.

I have the following items in my Movies showing up in this order:

  • Weekend At Bernie’s
  • White Fang Collection (which is a TMDB collection)
  • White Chicks
  • World’s Greatest Dad

The “White Fang Collection” is listed before “White Chicks” but it should come after that one. It seems like the sorting is fine based on the first word of the name but then messes up on the next word(s).

Another example of a similar issue:

  • Tenacious D in The Pick of Destiny
  • The Benji Collection (which is a TMDB Collection)
  • The Angriest Man in Brooklyn
  • The Animal
  • The Cavemans Valentine

“The Benji Collection” is really out of place there as it should be between “The Animal” & “The Cavemans Valentine”.

My settings are:

  • SMB Share
  • Sort by: Filename (to work around the ignoring of “A” & “The”)
  • TMDB Collections: On
  • Group Movies Into Collections: On

Might be similar issue for TV Show Collections but I don’t use those.

Sorting by filename with Collections can be a little confusing since the collection itself doesn’t have a filename (since it’s a group of files). In this case, Infuse should be using the filename for the first item in the collection to determine the sort order for the collection.

The first filename in that “White Fang Collection” is “White Fang 1 (1991).mkv” but the collection is still shown before “White Chicks”. Shouldn’t it be sorted correctly then?

EDIT: The 2 files are named “White Fang 1 (1991).mkv” & “White Fang 2 (1994).mkv” in that Collection. They are sorted correctly without Collections enabled and both appear after “White Chicks” (using filename sort). But when Collections is enabled that Collection is weirdly put in front of “White Chicks” for some reason…

While it’s not that big of a deal it’s just a little confusing with a large library if title sorting is out of whack.

Fwiw, I have proven it absolutely does not do this (though it might randomly get lucky sometimes).

See this full thread and the specific post for details.

This happens with both collections and TV series — because TV series are also just “collections of episodes” and neither the TMDB title of a TV series or TMDB title of a collection can be manipulated or properly sorted whenever something weird is out of whack.

@james I tried again with a clean library on iPad instead of Apple TV and it’s the same there.

In the All Movies library the “White Fang Collection” is placed before the standalone movie “White Chicks” even though the filenames in the “White Fang Collection” are correctly set up:

  • White Fang 1 (1991).mkv
  • White Fang 2 (1994).mkv

Without Collections enabled it’s sorted properly.

Is there any way the team could try replicating this? I feel like the second (and following) word is ignored when sorting & only the first word of the Title/Name is taken into account. If the sorting process for Collections within the Movies Library would take the whole Title/Name into account and not just the first word it would probably be fixed since it sorts perfectly fine without Collection Grouping.