Sorting in shares is broken (Infuse distinguish between series and movies)

Hi guys,

because my library is getting bigger and bigger, I am restructurizing my files.
Now I have several shares and this problems occurs with every share.
So for example in my share “Anime”, which I have as a favorite on my homescreen, I have series and movies. The problem is, that the order is alphabetical, but first the series A-Z and then below my movies are starting A-Z.
But when I have a folder which contains multiple movies, it is sorted between the shows.

I’d expect Infuse to sort everything alphabetically and not series first then movies.

As you can see on my screenshot, starting with “Akira” my movies are listed (alphabetically). Please note that Berserk is a folder containing 3 movies, and folders are alphabetically between the series, this is correct.
PS: Sorting is settings is set to “By title”.

I just noticed, that this also applies to a share, which contains no series, but movies and multiple movies in a folder. The result is, that first all my collections (like “The Lord of the Rings 1-3”, “Marvel movies” etc.) are all shown first, and after the last folder (in my case “Venom”, which contains Venom 1+2) my other movies starting (“2 Guns” and so on).

When sorting by title, folders will appear on top.

If you want to switch to mixed folder/file sorting you can change sort by to ‘Filename’.


Oh thank you! This solves my problem!

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