Sorting doesn’t work (Emby 4.9 beta)

After upgrading to 7.7.6, I noticed that the new sorting option for Emby is now available on Infuse. I decided to do a quick test, but when I changed the sorting option, it didn’t change at all. Therefore, there might be a bug with the new sorting option for Emby.

Which version of Emby server are you using?

Not the OP, but I’m using Infuse Pro 7.7.7 4846 and Emby Server and everything is working as intended.

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After updating Infuse to version 7.7.7, I discovered that the media server running EMBY 4.9 beta could not return sorted results. I resolved the issue by deleting the request parameter ?ExcludeLocationTypes=Virtual from the path http://emby-selfhosted.server/Users/user-uuid/Items.

After this adjustment, everything worked fine in both EMBY 4.8 and 4.9.

Thanks for the report.

We’ll look into this as we start testing for the 4.9 betas.

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After upgrading to 7.7.7, Emby Server is working as expected, but still has the same problem.