Sorting by file order: A-Z, then again from A-Z

My TV shows folder is sorted alphabetically, and will show a number of folders, from A-Z, and then will start again with the remaining folders, again in alphabetical order, so for certain shows I’ll have to scroll A-Z, and then again from A-whatever their name is (Screenshot)

Any idea why this is the case? I have tried updating the episode names and metadata for both sets of folders, to no avail.

I believe that Infuse first sorts and displays folders then it sorts and displays individual files. I think you’ll find the ones that start after the folders are single files and not more folders. I’ve heard others request that there be an option to sort as a single group but for now this is the way it is.

Thanks for the reply. Unfortunately these are all folders (screenshot attached). My movies folder, which is just individual files, reads like a charm. But there’s something about the folders here that causes infuse to read half, then half again.

It will depend a bit on what’s inside the folders.

For example, if you have a folder named ‘The Walking Dead’ with folders of Season 1, Season 2, etc… inside then Infuse will display artwork at all levels. In other cases, it will just display them as folders.

We have to balance scanning deep within folders, with the ability to quickly load folders. This will be greatly improved with the addition of Library view on iOS which is planned for later this Spring, as it will provide an indexed view that will load quickly and display artwork at all levels no matter how the files are organized.

Thanks - is there a preferred way? I don’t mind doing the legwork, as long as it results in consistency.