Sorting by date issue

Infuse Pro subscription 5.5.5

I really like “sort by date” so I will know which movies and TV Series are recently added as they appear on top. Unfortunately after one of the last update, it doesn’t work very well. Just new folder appears on top instead folders already in Infuse, even if they have just modified (so their position must be on top) remain in the same position of the list.

Do you know how to fix it?

The newer versions of Infuse use the creation date for sorting, to provide for consistency between network share types and cloud services.

Could you split the sorting by date option between sorting by date created and date modified? I do not use infuse with cloud service, and having my TV series sorted by modified date was very useful and convenient for me!


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I don’t think this is completely accurate James.
i am facing the same issue where newly added movies are not appearing on top although the option of sort by date is selected in settings.
with TV shows it is working fine!

Yes please, I need a Created Date sorting option too, especially using File Station with a Synology NAS !