Sorting Bug/Problem?

Sort By Release Date, By Title and By Filename is the same and doesn’t make sense the only different sorting is Sort By Date. Is this a fixable on my end ?

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What type of device are you streaming from? In some cases, when connecting via UPnP or DLNA, Infuse will have limited access to info about the files, so the sorting options will be limited.

Ah sorry my bad, totally forgot iPad Pro 2nd Gen is the Device and Infuse is connected to Plex via Unraid

@James Is there a document somewhere that lists some of these shortcomings/nuances? It seems like information that is easily lost, with only a select few holding this knowledge. For example, I also know (because you’ve mentioned it in the forums) that indexing/matching is different on Google Drive, because Infuse does not (cannot?) retrieve the nested path to a file, which means that filenames need to be very specific, whereas other storage locations for a library do not share this shortcoming.

If there’s not, can this information be added as another guide or reference somewhere?