Sort TV shows by its latest season release date

Is it possible to sort TV shows by its latest season release date instead of the first season release date?


How about sort TV shows by its latest episode air date?

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So you just mean flipping the order that TV shows are shown in so the newest are at the left and oldest at the right, correct?

That’s a very simple change and I like it. I’ll not for this. Good idea.

And “multiple sorting options” is coming so maybe this is the perfect time for the dev to think about this feature.

Yes, hope to see this sorting feature for tv shows.

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It’s not a difficult change, just adding an option in settings with a toggle “Sort Order: Asc or Desc”.

But that brings the question, do we only want that option to change the TV order or should it change collection and playlists as well (with Now Playing being an exception).

“Sort Order: Asc or Desc” is already supported for TV Shows in infuse. However the sorting is based on TV shows’ first season air date. What I want is sorting the TV shows based on its latest season/episode air date. For example, TV show “Loki” season 1 is released on 2021, while the latest season 2 is released on 2023. Currently infuse sort “Loki” collection based on 2021.

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Okay, I think I understand now - so you’re referring to sorting within Custom Collections, is that right?

It will be clear if I can show you the library:

I have 2 seasons of TV show “Loki” which are automatically grouped together according to TMDB. When I sort my TV collections according to release date in Desc order, “Loki” collection comes into very end because it use its first season release date (2021) as reference. I think a much reasonable way is to use TV shows’ latest season/episode release date for sorting reference. (In this case, “Loki” season 2 is released in 2023, and it should be presented in the very top/left).


Not strictly refer to custom collections, but in general, one TV series may contain multiple seasons, let’s see Loki season 1 was released back in Jan 2021, and 2nd season was released in Oct 2023. If I only have season 2 in my library, it SHOULD sort with the date Oct 2023, not Jan 2021, right? But in reality, it’s currently sorted after some TV series from Jan 2021.

If I got two seasons of Loki in my lib, it’s acceptable Loki series are sorted by the date Jan 2021. Or you can make it more precise that, if season 1 is not watched yet, sort Loki series by date Jan 2021, if it’s marked watched, in this case, it would be much more reasonable to sort it by date Oct 2023, which is the release date of Loki season 2.

Hope this ticks some confusion on TV season sorting.

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Ahhh, I see. Yeah this is a good idea. I’m partial to sorting descending by “latest episodes release date” - but I can see settings for different sorting options like you alluded to.