Sort title?

How do you set up sorting your headlines so that the word “The” is not a factor? My point is, if I have a movie called waterboy, how can I have it appear in w’s, instead of t because of?

In Plex, we have a meta for the “Sort Title”, in addition to the display title. In your exemple, the display title would be “The Waterboy” and the sort title “Waterboy”. Also very useful for collection, as you can add a number in the sort title like : “Star Wars 1 : xxx”, etc.

I really hope that the Plex integration in Infuse will handle this feature!

Infuse should actually be disregarding ‘The’ when sorting in the current version.

Just be sure you have ‘Sort by’ in Infuse > Settings set to Title.


It appears that Infuse uses the “Title” field from a Plex server. Does Infuse receive the field “Sort Title” from Plex?

“Sort Title” is used by Plex when ordering - it defaults to “Title” but can be overridden to have Plex display items in a desired order as detailed here:

It would be great if Infuse were able to use “Sort Title” to retain the preferred display order in Plex.

Not in the current version, but this is something we may look into for the native Plex integration coming in 5.7.


Not in the current version, but this is something we may look into for the native Plex integration coming in 5.7.

It would be great if you could! I’m just getting started with Infuse & Plex and am very pleased with the capabilities already.

Do you have a public outline of the capabilities of your planned native Plex integration? I have a couple of other requests - it would be good to see if they are already on the “to do” list.

Many thanks!


I encounter this problem on my setup as well, but I’m not using Plex.
My movies are all in an SMB Share. For Movies with english titles like “the waterboy” the alphabetical sorting works well in the infuse library. The movie will be sorted along this other movies with “w”.

But I’m german and so I have a lot of movies with german titles. And the german language has three definite articles “der”, “die” and “das” and two indefinite articles “ein” and “eine”. These articles are not ignored by the sorting logic. So all movies where the title starts with a definite article will be sorted unter “d” and all that start with a indefinite article will be sorted unter “e”.
And this will appy to other non english languages as well, I assume.

One way around this for non-Plex shares is to enable the ‘Sort by Filename’ option in Infuse. This will cause Infuse to look at the actual filenames for sorting, so you can give them names to ensure they are sorted how you would like.

But if I use an “alternate” Naming for the files, Infuse may become problems with the metadata fetching, right?

It depends, but generally Infuse will be able to still find the correct match. You can also add the year, which will help.

For example, in place of “The Firm.mp4” you could use “Firm 1993.mp4”


I did some testing, but the result is not a really good one.
I renamed some file and removed the leading articles in the filenames.
After a library update the movies are still recognized corret, but changing to sorting by filename had no effect.
Maybe a caching problem?

But a one point this workaround will not help at all, the collections.
I have no influence on the naming of collections and a sorting by filename will not have any effect here.

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