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I would like to see an option to specify a different sort order for an item.

As an example, the Harry Potter series when listed alphabetically puts them all in the incorrect chronological order.

Just an option to tell it how it should be sorted. It would default to alphabetical but you could change it if required in the meta data.

e.g. the name of the movie would be “Harry Potter and the Philosophers Stone” but you could enter a sort order of “Harry Potter 1”.

I would love to see this feature in both iOS and the new version for the 4th gen Apple TV.

Even a “sort by filename option” option would suffice, but would be far less elegant a solution.




I would love to see this also! This is probably my biggest issue. Thanks.


Yes please.

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+1. Would make browsing large collections like Bond less cumbersome.

I seem to have remedied this by turning sorting by filename on. My moves are indeed named ‘Harry Potter 1 - …’ and so one.

Good luck.

If you ever used Kodi’s group function, it groups like videos/movies in the correct order (i.e. - Star Wars, Harry Potter, Mission Impossible, etc.). It’s a great feature that I hope Infuse could adopt.

Stil in infuse 5, sorting videos is a mess. However I use by “name”, “date” or “title”. The result gives not a meaning.
What date is úsed for “sortorder by date” function? Which metadata is it referring? Where can I change this date?

I only use Itunes for managing my videos and infuse for watchin them on my iphone / ipad.
My wish would be sort by date “video added” like in itunes. There had been already promised better sort functions in 4.x but still nothin happened.

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Different options for sort order would be great, as there are in other similar applications.
For example I like the movies to be sorted on the latest added, but TV series I like to sort on name.

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