Sort Order - Oldest to Newest, Z-A, etc

Hi there,

quick question: when I sort the order by release date it lists the films from the most recent to the oldest.
Eg: folder with back to the future films, i have BTF 3, BTF2 BTF in this order…
is there any way to sort it from the oldest to the most recent one?

Thank you all.


Not at this time, but I’ll move this to suggestions. :slight_smile:

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Currently I can only se options to sort by title and by date added. Please enhance this with ascending and descending options.


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I suppose It would be very useful if we get the sorting not only in one way but ascending and descending.
Especially when I sort movies by the release date for example.
I can’t sort them with oldest movies on top of the list and so on…

I hoped it will appear during about a year or two and finally decided to write about it. :slight_smile: