Sort order not right

I have seen couple posts about sort order by date but not with the problem like mine.
First, not native english speaker, I hope that I can give my meaning forward.
I use Synology nas. Apple tv (4k) and Infuse 5 (yearly license) is connected through SMB. I selected Sort order: date and if I open SMB share, then first it shows me punch of movies with folder icon in front of them but they are not the ones I recently added. The first one in the list is the one that I changed metainfo in app. But when I scroll way down, I see movies with dotted circle (and checkmark) and these movies (with circle icon) are sorted correctly by date.
Every movie in my NAS folder is file with movie name within a folder with movie name.
It seems that the movies get folder icon and are not sorted correctly when there is a folder within a movie folder. Let’s say I have a dvd rip in folder. I also ripped dvd extras and put them in extras folder. And because of the “extras” folder it doesn’t seem to sort.
Is it possible in the future to allow subfolders or if it is possible now, then where could I find manual with best practices?

Or if I am already asking, It would be nice to have “best practices” type of page on your website - I mean how to best build my library for Infuse (if that makes sense). For some reason I see many “other” type media in settings but I only added smb shares with tv shows and movies.

EDIT: Found the metadata manual. So that part is ok. But original question remains: Is it possible to sort by date when movie folder contains folder(s) - e.g. dvdextras?

All the best

Currently Infuse will group items before sorting (folders, movies, tv shows, other) though we will likely be adding an option to disable this in an upcoming version.