Sort movies by length


It would be nice to see the “Sort by length” feature in one of the next releases of the app. There are days when you prefer to watch something short, there are days when you have a lot of time and you can watch a 3 hours long movies. It would be nice to see them sorted accordingly.


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I’m trying out Infuse on my iPhone for the first time. I can’t seem to order my movies by duration. Is this not possible?

Often when I’m picking a movie to watch, I do so based on how late it will finish. Sometimes I have time for a short movie only, so being able to order them by duration is a must for me.

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Currently sorting by movie length isn’t an option but it’s a feature that has been requested so I moved your post to that request in the suggestions forum. Please feel free to add your support for this feature by clicking the like button on the first post in the thread! :smiley: