Sort favorites?

Seems like the favorites are displayed at random. Anyway to sort them?

If you’re referring to the order they appear on the home screen I think you can adjust them by adding different numbers of leading spaces in the names to alter the alphabetical order. The only one that can’t be changed is the Library.

I tried both numbers and spaces, even zero width spaces, and nothing seems to affect the totally random order unfortunately.

If these are favorites created from sub-sorts out of the Library they may have a fixed order too but if they are favorites you created from your shares the spaces should work. Any chance to provide a screen cap of what you’re seeing?

Yes favorites from the library. Example “By Genre”.

Favorites added from the library sorts appear to be in the order they were added so if you delete them all and then add them in the order you want them displayed that should work.

Then you can rename them and they’ll stay in the order you added regardless of the new name.

Ok, I erased them all and started over. While it mostly works the way you describe. “By Genre” favorite always moves out of order. It’s driving me nuts! lol

I just added favs for 5 genres in random order and they appeared exactly in the order I added them and I then renamed them intentionally not in alpha order and they did not change position.

Are you saying that you are adding them and then after renaming them they change order?

I’ve had the same issue. Any favourites I add from my drives will sort alphabetically. So adding a number changes the sorting.
Library is first, then Moves, then TV Shows, then my Drive favourites appear.
If I add to favourites from infuse menus they will appear between TV Shows and my favourites from my drives.
They appear in the order that they are added, not alphabetical. The only ones I can control by renaming are my drive favourites.
If this is not the same issue, then sorry for the extra confusion.

Not exactly, I go into the library favorite, then movies. From there I set a favorite for “All movies”, “Recently added”, “Unwatched”, “By Genre”, “By Rating”, “By Release Date”…etc. "By Genre does not respect the correct order on the infuse home screen.

Yup, it appears to be a rebel. Just curious, why nearly duplicate all of the choices of “Movies” under Library? Why not make the “Movies” in the Library a favorite then you have the same number of actions to choose a sub heading. You still have to either swipe or click to get to each sub whether it’s individual favorites or a selection under the main favorite of “Movies”? Just curious. It looks awful cluttered with all of the movie subs as favorites to me.

I guess I like to have my choices all visible. I decided to use Genre as a list instead of a favorite and that helps my OCD a bit. Ha. Thanks for your time.

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Well heck, might as well make them all Lists and then you can adjust them up and down too! LOL

Glad to help, it helps me learn new things I may not have had a reason to play with so it’s a win/win for me. :wink: