Sort by Unwatched (Like Plex)

Hi Everyone & @james

I have asked this in the past but thought I would try again see if anything has changed in regards to this or its on the plan (hopefully its one or the other)

Just wondering if Infuse supports hiding watched episodes and sorting by unwatched episodes I.e Sort by the total number of unwatched episodes so shows with only 1 episode left to watch would be first and so on.

This is a sort option I cannot live without currently… I just thought with all the plex integration coming maybe infuse would be adding some of the sort options and such that people are used to from using Plex on other clients etc.

Any chance of a response from @james too please <3

Many Thanks


You can browse via the Unwatched section found in Library > TV Shows. This list is also one of the default lists displayed on the home screen, so it should appear front and center when first installing Infuse.

You can manage what is displayed on the home screen by following the steps in this guide.

Thanks for the reply James.

Yes I understand you can view the unwatched section in Infuse but Plex also allows you to sort by unwatched like in the screenshot attached.

Basically it sorts by total unwatched episodes so the show with the least amount of unwatched episodes is first and so on.

Got it, makes sense.

Moving to suggestions for now.