Sort by Title not working

Hello! I was wondering if there was an issue with the sort order. I’m using Google Team Drive for my library and have the Sort Order set to “By Title” yet it is still using the “A” or “The” in the beginning for the alphabetical sorting order instead of ignoring the “A” or “The” which I believed it was supposed to do. (I.E. “A Few Good Men” is sorted in the A’s instead of the F’s).


FYI, this is only true for Movies. TV shows are ignoring “The” and “A” (i.e. the Big Bang Theory is listed in the B’s)

Looks like this is only affecting my movies that begin with “A” and not “The.” I.E. “A Bug’s Life” is sorted in the A’s instead of B’s but “The Avengers” is also being sorted in the A’s. Maybe this is by design?

Correct, Infuse will ignore ‘The’ when sorting.

However, ‘A’ is used for sorting.

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