Sort by Resolution removed in 7.5 update?

Hi I used to always find 4k HDR / DV movies in my Library using “By Resolution” category. But it was removed in 7.5, why?
Do you plan to bring it back?

I’m on 7.5 (tvOS) and it’s still there for me. I’d be rather bothered if it wasn’t.

(I’m not using Plex / Emby / Jellyfin if that might be the issue).

A bit more info may help, what device? iPhone, Apple TV, Mac?

And as @FLskydiver said, are you using Plex, etc or just Infuse?

Have you let your library complete an entire scan since updating?

I’m using iPhone Mac, & Apple TV 4K 2017. But I haven’t checked ATV4K yet.

But both iPhone 13, and Mac are updated to latest version 7.5 and don’t have the “By Resolution” anymore.
I don’t use Plex at all.

And yes I just did a fresh scan on your prompt but nothing changed. Still can’t find “By Resolution” category.

You can see that “By Resolution” is missing category below on Mac. Its the same on iPhone too

I asked a similar question here …

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Still there for me on ATV and @movie_lover has a link to a thread that shows where it is in iOS and Mac.

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Are you asking for it to show up in the library search section or on the Home Screen as a favorite/list?

For the former I don’t remember this being there on iOS. For the latter you can do an edit Home Screen and add it

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I spaced earlier and wrote I still saw the resolution filter in “iOS” when I meant “tvOS” — I apologize.

I’ve since updated my iOS app and can confirm the resolution filter is oddly not present in iOS on my device.

It remains present on tvOS:

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oh there it is, cheers. So they removed it under Library and it’s only present if you add it to favorites via Homescreen “Edit” screen which is weird. But all good thanks.


Yeah, I prefer the aTV way of it being available up front rather than hidden away. Inconsistencies between UI is also not a great experience.


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