Sort by release date OCD

My OCD is getting the best of me so I have to ask - is there a way to sort by release date so that movies appear chronological oldest to newest (left to right)? If I sort by release date now they appear in reverse (to my mind) order of newest to oldest (right to left).

The Last Crusade shouldn’t be in front of Temple of Doom, in front of Raiders!


I can’t find a way to do that either. However, the Library forms its own collections and the movies WILL appear in release date order. I do not otherwise use the Library, but it is handy for collections.

Metadata handling is definitely the weak point of Infuse. I love it otherwise. Here’s hoping they refine the way it handles metadata.

Hi all,

Apologies for resurrecting this topic but it was all I found in the search.
I am trying to create my own movie collections as Infuse doesn’t currently appear to allow me to in the library. (Can only have Movies, TV, other).
I want all the MCU movies in one collection in the library - not as Thor, Iron Man etc.

So I have created a folder called MCU, added a poster and so far so good.
Only issue is when sorting by release date (to get them in order), newest is first. So to binge watch the collection, I have to scroll down to the bottom and work up.

Is there a way to sort by release date in ascending order?


At the moment there is no way to create a custom collection. I would recommend just creating a playlist for MCU.

Thanks for the response. Although I would love the ability to create custom collections, at the moment I would settle for being able to sort in ascending or decending order when selecting release date. Not just from newest to oldest.

Even better, the ability to have different sorting options per folder.

At the moment when you sort a certain way, it affects all folders

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