Sort by length, bitrate, and resolution

I mainly use the iPad app to watch from my Plex Server on my PC.
I’m strange in that I always watch videos by either shortest length, lowest bitrate or lowest resolution.
Plex didn’t help matters by giving me all that and a bunch more sorting options.
I love this player but having to go to my PC and sort the movies by shortest length then remember them and go look on Infuse to find it makes me feel even more insane.

I use Infuse for about 8TB of adult videos, thousands that need as much sorting as possible.
I’m surprised no one made a plug-in on GitHub by now. But maybe that’s now allowed I have no idea.

Great App better than greedy Plex that wants $5 just to watch on the iPad app. Emby is a bust and Jellyfin is stuck in the mud. And don’t even get me started on Kodi, talk about half-assed coders.

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