Sort by filename logic for TV shows

Can someone explain the logic behind this to me—

If I sort my content by title, all seasons shows up correctly.

But if I sort via Filename, what logic is it following?

My folder itself, looks right to me as well—

PS: I am sorting by Filename, because if I sort by Title, the movies list gets messed up. Movies with multiple files/editions show up before movies with single editions/titles. #facepalm

PPS: Don’t pounce on me for not using the “Library” feature. I know many of you swear by it, but there are way too many bugs in it for me to live with. So, I prefer to use the simple folder view to play my content—especially since I do all of my playback on my Apple TV.

How are the individual episode files named?

I just tried it on my GOT and my seasons stayed in the same order but the “Specials” folder was last when set to title and first when set to filename.

If you change any file names don’t forget that you need to do the “scan for changes” before the change will show up in the display.

I’m following this format as listed in the Metadata 101 guide.

I’ve standardized on the first choice there since many of the other formats have issues with different sources ( examples 6 thru 10 have known issues with different sources and could have problems elsewhere that aren’t as common) and plus, I’ve not had an issue in years using the first example.

When you sort by file name you’re probably sorting on the first episode file name in each season or some facsimile of that.

Using this format produces the outcome you want without using the Library.

EDIT TO ADD: How are. you connected to your NAS? SMB, FTP, etc?

Thanks. My NAS is connected via SMB.

This is disheartening. Yet another feature that isn’t working as advertised. Infuse has great potential, but I’m close to giving up on it now. I’m not inclined to rename my files because the app has yet another bug. :frowning:

This is sort of expected since Infuse is looking at the first episode name of each season and using that for sorting. This is similar to how sorting by filename works for collections (it will use the filename of the first item in the collection).

You would see results that are more inline with what you expect by using an episode naming style which includes both the season and episodes numbers.


show name/season 1/01.02 NameOfEpisode.mkv

This would ensure all season 1 items appear before season 2, and season 2 items before season 3, and so on…

Alternatively, you can try browsing these series via the Library option as the sorting handled differently there for TV shows.