Sort By Date does not work with Season sub-folders

My TV Series are sorted by Date (not Release date, the file Date).
This is great as it keeps TV Series folders I’ve added to recently at the top of my list.

However, as the soon as I add a subfolder, e.g. Season 1, to the TV Series folder it drops to bottom of the list… very annoying.

I’m running Infuse Pro on an Apple TV.

The ONLY workaround I found for this is to not use Season 1, Season 2, subfolders.
Instead, keep all files in the root Series folder then manually add series poster folder.jpg to make sure the art work appears in Grid View.

Hang on, that workaround is flawed too.

TV Series setup like this are forced to the very top of the list (Sorted by Date) regardless of file dates.

In Summary:

  1. Use subfolders for multi-season and Sort By Date pushes series to the bottom.
  2. Don’t use subfolders and the the poster art is not displayed.
  3. For multi-series without subfolders, manually add folder.jpg and the Series gets pushed to top of the list.