Sort by codec (h264/265/etc.) in Infuse

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I would like to be able to sort by codec (h264/265 and so on) in Infuse. Would it be possible to show this in the overview?

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What do you see the value of knowing what the compression codec is when Infuse plays most all of them without a problem?

I’m trying to understand when that would come into play.

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The format and the file size (there is already a feature request for the file size), give information about whether and which devices (depending on the age of the devices) can play the file at all. You can also see which files can be encoded in the future ( to h265 or even h266) to save storage space.

And why not?
It won’t take that much effort to display this information IMHO.
The player knows it anyway.

I can understand this a little, I guess if you were trying to access a giant file but were aware you were on a slower network connection you would avoid that title because it wouldn’t be able to buffer and provide smooth playback.

Yes it would be easy to probably show a h264 or h265 tag along with HDR DV etc…but I think largely for the average viewer they wouldn’t care to know. This information is typically useful to show the user what their monitor/TV needs to support, the codec information is kinda irrelevant to the TV as it’s taken care by the media player.

Also, surely all devices that can install Infuse currently support h264 and h265 dont they? You’ll have to educate me if you know otherwise but off the top of my head I can’t think of situation where Infuse app would show a file compression type and not play the file because the Apple OS/hardware doesnt support it.

I think what you are talking about could be handy but for me this sort of thing lies with the responsibility of the file server, for example when I download content I’m checking the codec at that point and with regards to future encoding, again this would be more of a file management feature, not really Infuse’s responsibility as a client.

Really I dont want to sound like an ass here and I dont mean to, I think adding codec tags next to the list of properties like DV HDR 4K and so on would be cool actually, I just think what you are talking about is more ‘file manager’ type work.

Try to playback a 4k@h264 Movie (like 80-120GB in file size) on an AppleTV4.
Sounds good, doesn’t work.
It’s not a “must have” but some users would have one use or another.
Yes ATV4 could be replaced by a ATV4k.
On the other end, I could use Plex.
But that’s not the point.

No, all good.
As an Infuse user, you are not just a consumer.
Usually you’re also the maintainer.
To simplify the task of maintaining is never wrong.

Yeah, I dont know all the permutations, ive had Infuse only on ATV4K Gen 1 and Gen 3 and iPhone’s no older than the 12. So im not with the wider experience which is why I asked. Also I guess I know my library very well, I maintain it myself and have done long before using Infuse, I dont tend to have a variety of file types either, I tend to go for the same stuff.

Plex does have some benefits for the remote user…the transcoding but I like the raw pure file transfer of Infuse and only used Plex for a week or two ages ago, never really got on with it.

I wouldn’t object to having the codec there also, but I dont agree with the same reasons as you…which really isn’t the point considering I actually like the outcome :slight_smile:

I use Kodi to help manage my library, and Kodi provides a way to quickly display and filter files based on codec. I also manage my library manually, and thus developed a little system that appends one of a specific set of little-used symbols to the end of each filename to indicate at a glance both the resolution and codec of every file. PM me if interested.