Sort by 4k video on Plex?

I’m new to Infuse and currently on my free trial. I was brought to this app because it seems Plex won’t let you download/sync your content to an iPad Pro as 4K. It seems to always transcode it down to 1080p even when settings are set to original quality. I then try this app and it downloads the whole 4k file from plex and seems to play it great. Awesome! Nearly ready to pull the trigger on the lifetime subscription purchase. However, am I just missing it or is there no way to sort by resolution? I want to view only 4K movies on my plex server but it doesn’t seem that’s even possible in Fusion 7 for iPadOS? Maybe I’m just missing the setting? If I can sort by all my 4K content on my plex server, I’ll pull the trigger on this lifetime sub. Impressed otherwise with the app! Not sure why Plex is so god awful with 4k video content… Thanks!

Welcome to the forum and to Infuse!

What you can do is add a list of your 4K movies to the Home Screen.

To do this

  1. Navigate to the Home Screen
  2. Tap the list icon in the top right corner
  3. Tap Edit
  4. Scroll down to ‘All Items’ section and navigate to Movies > By Resolution
  5. Tap the + icon next to ‘4K’ to pin it to the Home Screen

Oh my goodness this is wonderful! You set me up perfectly to duplicate my Plex home screen! :slight_smile: Thanks! This app is amazing and worth the money! Will spread the word!

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