Sort broken again in the latest release (5.5.3 pro)

“Sort by Date” used to always put newly modified folders, then files on top. 5.5.3 suddenly broke it (in settings Sort Order set to “Date”). Now it displays by creation date when going to an SMB server (still sorts by modification date on the older version of the program on a second iOS device that I hadn’t updated yet). Release date I’m assuming goes to the meta data from the file itself, and I’m not sure what it’s using if there is none.

Sorry, we’ll take a look into this.

Infuse should use the modified date across the app for consistency.

Still broken in 5.5.5 release. Also of note, you can only search for directories or files once. If I look for a folder in my home directory, then open it, the search icon disappears and I can no longer search for any further folders of files in that sub-directory.

Home Folder/ <— Search Icon shown
Folder Name 1/ <— Search Icon now gone after opening this folder
Folder Name 2/ <— Search Icon gone

I will also start a separate thread, but sort seems completely broken for SMB volumes in the newest releases 5.6.x with the new interface. I get no results the (Empty Folder, Move along, nothing to see here) no matter which folder I search in. Date still doesn’t sort by modified.

Sorry for the confusion.

For SMB, Infuse will rely on the creation date for both files and folders. If you’d like certain folders to appear at the top, I suppose an easy workaround would be to create a new folder, or use something like ‘A Better Finder Attributes’ on Mac to modify the actual dates of the files/folders.

I just checked again against other running copies I have installed. In version 4, and in all version 5’s up to this point DATE on SMB volumes were sorted by modification dates. This way you could easily find newly added or viewed media files and folders. It was in 5.5.3 that the behavior suddenly and noticeably changed to creation date. My version 4 running copy still works the original way. Now finding folders is much more difficult, especially given the additional problem with searching I noted above. If the you want it to change now, may I suggest that you give both options (or a changeable option under preferences for the user to determine if they want creation versus modification date sorting).

5.5.3 and later now makes use of creation dates for determining what is recently added, and this also extends to sorting as well.

I wish that would have been documented in the release notes since it’s a major break from past behavior, and a break in the way linux and most file systems sort by default. It makes finding folders particularly difficult in large directories. You should really either go back to the original method, offer both choices (it’s the same code with a simple parameter change), or fix the ability to search for folders (the additional issue of the disappearing search icon problem noted above). It would make the program experience so much easier.

Sorry for the trouble. This change was aimed at providing sorting consistency across streaming types, as many options source types (Google Drive, Dropbox) only provide one date option (creation) or and some such as UPnP/DLNA provide no date at all.

I understand the thought process, but it really doesn’t work. As you said, some streaming types don’t even offer a date, so by default there is no consistency across streaming types. The best approach (especially for the user) is to optimize the sort for the particular medium you are on, in this case the way you originally had it, as modification time for file systems that support it. The other approach is a race to the bottom. I find the interface is now MUCH more cumbersome and time consuming to sort through for accessing my own media collection.