"sorry infuse encountered an error while trying to connect" Error message -- Infuse 4 on Apple Tv

I have a problem connecting to infuse on Apple Tv (4th generation) with my mac air. I make sure that Sharing is on. Infuse detects my mac, but after I entered my username and password, it keeps connecting till the following error message appears “sorry infuse encountered an error while trying to connect”.
I tried to access my mac from a windows pc and I can connect and see my folders.
Any Help?

hi tarektm. make sure you are sharing via SMB and not AFP: http://tinypic.com/r/5dktc2/9

Thanks @pederl.1988 … It worked

Will doing that cause problems with other apps? For me Infuse is already starting to look like it’s too high maintenance and I don’t want to start disabling things that screw up functionality elsewhere merely to accommodate this app! Rather than just saying enable and disable this, it might be helpful to indicate the consequences of doing so, if any, especially as in this case your are telling people to disable the native Apple / Mac protocol and set sharing to work with a Windows protocol.

AFP doesn’t need to be disabled - you just need to ensure SMB (with Windows File Sharing) is enabled.

I am in the same situation. I have SMB enabled and Windows Fire Sharing on for the user I’m trying to connect with. I’m still getting the "encountered an error’ message.

Welcome to the forum! Are you running Infuse version 4? If so you would probably benefit greatly in updating to the latest version 5 level.

Not sure if you noticed this thread is almost 4 years old. If you’re on version 5 then you probably should start a new thread. Also, if you’re on v5 you could try a different level of smb. Many find the legacy level works best for them.

Thanks… I tested (no joy) and started another thread: Error message: "sorry infuse encountered an error while trying to connect" (Infuse 5.9.1 (2553), Apple TV (4G), Mac OS 10.14)