Sony 4K Test Patterns


Many Sony UHD BD discs have test patterns.

If I make an MKV of test patterns, I don’t know what to name the file or it’s folder so that it shows up in my infuse library.

Maybe I have to make my own metadata ? … I have put test patterns in a folder called test patterns on my NAS but I haven’t seen it found by infuse.

Edit - I may “fake it” by using Video Essentials (1996) which is in IMDB


First, Infuse doesn’t use IMDB for metadata, it uses TMDB so if you do “fake it” you may want to check TMDB first to make sure that’s what you want. :wink:

The easiest way would be to use the instructions and template provided in the users guide here to create custom metadata for the videos.

What I did worked but having easier access to the test patterns I still find only the clipping portion at the end to be useful. The link and suggestion were great though. Sorry for a rather daft topic.

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