Sometimes separate seasons under actor

When an actor is selected Infuse displays TV series with “x Seasons” under the series to show how many season that actor is in.

However I have found a few which instead display individuals seasons. For example:

Actor: Michael Weatherly
Series: Bull (5 Seasons), NCIS (each individual season displayed)

Actor: David Boreanaz
Series: Angel(5 Seasons), Buffy the Vampire Slayer (each individual season displayed)

Can you check to ensure Infuse has completed its scan (Settings > Library)?

What type of device are you streaming from?

Can you post a pic of the screen you are seeing this on?

Yes the Settings → Library shows that it has completed its scan with a “Last Updated” message.

I’m streaming from an Unraid NAS using SMB.

Opps! The 1st picture was meant to be …

On those series that are broken down into individual seasons instead of one series poster, are the files separated into individual season folders and those located in the series folder?

Yes, all my TV series follow that naming structure (even series which have only one season).

Thanks for that, I’m wondering if it does it that way if the actor isn’t in every season. Since Weatherly isn’t in all seasons of NCIS it may break out only the seasons he was in. Just a SWAG on my part though. :wink:

Maybe, because it is OK for Mark Hammond who is in all, but not for Pauley Perrette who isn’t in all seasons.

Having said that, Sean Murray who is in all seasons also displays the problem.

What about Ziva?

Yep, Cote de Pablo (Ziva) also shows the problem.

David McCallum (Ducky) doesn’t show the problem.

I believe that Ducky has made every season even if it’s only in a single episode. Was looking at Boreanaz and buffy and it appears he did miss whole seasons at a time hence the individual seasons.

It looks like if TVDB shows an actor for all episodes Mark Harmon has 415 episodes of NCIS and Ducky also shows 415 episodes (this isn’t correct) then Infuse will show the individual seasons that they received credits. This is odd but maybe there’s a work around for this.