Sometimes "reload metatdata" does nothing

Like the title says.  for example, I’ve got the movie ‘mamma mia’ in a folder named ‘mamma mia (2008)’ and the file name is the same as the folder name.  Media player won’t produce cover art for it and when I choose to reload metatdata, nothing happens.



Try putting ‘Mamma Mia! The movie’…for the folder  and the movie…then refresh and reload 

I’d leave off the ! and name the file “Mamma Mia The Movie” w/o quotes. ATVFlash scrapes meta data for movies from, or in this case Match what they show and it should pick it up, I’ve found removing special characters (anything that’s not a number or letter) provides better results.

This was because the movie was in two parts.  Stupid two part movies.